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Is your posture contributing to your neck and back pain problems? Find out. 


Your posture is the window to your spine. Your spine is the window to your health. Poor posture and any key postural deviations in the upper and lower body can lead to pain and performance problems. A posture assessment will help you...

  • learn the truth about your posture and be able to identify any postural problems
  • understand what's causing your pain(s)
  • receive tips and suggestions to relieve pain and improve your posture and your health

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Get Your Custom Free Posture Assessment! 

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Dr. Dave is an excellent chiro and a great person. As a middle distance runner, I've had many experiences in the world of rehabilitation and sports medicine, none of which have matched up to my treatment from Dr. Dave. He takes a special interest in your long term health and addresses the root of the problem instead of masking the symptoms. I'm no Olympian but Dr. Dave works tirelessly to sustain and improve my athletic experience as if I am one! He has played an integral role in my pursuit of a sub 4 min mile. By sharing his knowledge and experience, he continues to help me navigate all the physical and mental barriers that stand in the way of my goal.

Ethan Davenport 
Junior Development Coordinator, Middle Distance and Cross Country Coach

Dr. Dave is one of the most knowledgeable, caring, down to earth and trusted experts I know on wellness and health in general. He is always willing to share and to offer support and self empowerment for anyone who crosses his path. I would recommend Dr. Dave and any of his services on any given day. Keep up the great work, Dr. Dave!

Maggie H. 
Chiropractic Client
dk chiro

Dr. David Koivuranta

Dr. David believes that thru chiropractic’s drug-free, surgery-free health care approach, everyone can live optimally and be able to have greater life experiences.

He has treated patients with chiropractic care, nutritional consulting, weight management programs and technology like non-surgical spinal decompression. His long and vast experience allows him to meet people and patients where they are at with their health challenges and goals.